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How much will be
charged for developing an
eCommerce website in Kerala

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Most of the people worried about the pricing of website cost. It’s not a big amount as you guess. To be frank with you It’s based on some factors which I have explained below.

Now in 2020, you can create a website without any company or without any help from a web design expert. You need to have a basic understanding and a greater passion to develop a website.

If you search in Google for a web design company in Kerala and contact them they will charge you a high price for the website because they did a great effort to take the first position in Google Search.

You can see the compared packages of web design companies from below

Web Design Companies Kerala

Basic website Cost

Standard Dynamic Website Price

Halones Technology INR 3500 INR 6000
Planet Logics INR 3000 INR 8000
Milkyway Technologies INR 7200 INR 29000
SEO Engineer INR 35000 INR 50000
INTUISYZ Technologies INR 150000 INR 500000

Price for eCommerce website in Kerala

eCommerce web Design Companies Kerala

eCommerce website cost in Kerala

Zauca Consultancy Services INR 12000
Planet Logics INR 12000
Milkyway Technologies INR 30000
SEO Engineer INR 75000
INTUISYZ Technologies INR 500000

Do you think It’s Expensive? you can check from Freelance web Designers in Kerala to get the best price for the eCommerce website in Kerala.

As a freelance website designer Kerala I can provide you the website cheaper than this price you can contact me

Most of the companies will charge you high because they need to pay employees’ salaries, office rent, other charges. But You can also visit them and have a discussion about the website directly.

Basic Website Package

o 5 web pages
o Free one-year Domain and Hosting
o 5 stock photos
o 5 email addresses
o Website contact form
o Delivery in 7 working days

Dynamic website Package

o 10 web pages
o Free one-year domain and hosting
o Mobile responsive
o SEO Oriented Design
o 10 stock photos
o 10 email addresses
o Search Engine Submission to Popular Search Engines
o Google Location integration and a contact form
o Delivery in 10 working days

eCommerce Website Package

o Bilingual website (Two languages)
o Unlimited web pages
o Admin page.
o Content Management system
o Free one-year Domain
o Free one-year Hosting
o One design concept
o Mobile responsive
o Search Engine Submission to Popular Search Engines
o Google Location Integration and a contact form
o Social media page (Facebook, Twitter or YouTube)
o Social media updates on the website
o Live chat system integration
o Delivery in 14 working days

But you will get a cheaper website from freelance website designers Kerala.

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