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7 methods to create Multilingual Website & Arabic Website

7 methods to create Multilingual Website & Arabic Website

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If you need to develop a site in both English and Arabic. You have more than 7 options to develop the website.

There are a few CSS rules to keep in mind when developing RTL Arabic language website.

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direction:ltr|rtl changes the text flow of block-level elements and text.

It will not however affect the layout of the page.


English Website ( Right to Left Website )

direction:rtl; //displays text direction as right to left

Arabic Website ( Left to Right Website )

direction:ltr; //displays text direction as right to left

float: right|left Remember to float left things right, and right things left: before: after


A different static website with a subdomain folder.

You need to create the website in multiple languages and you need to copy the website to the server on a specific subdomain or in a subdirectory with the website files.

This can be done through HTML and different files for different languages.

Home Page: index.html

About Page : about.html

Services: Services.html

Contact Us: contact.html

Home Page: index.html, 

About Page : about.html

Services: Services.html

Contact Us: contact.html

Develop a website with PHP SESSION

You could use sessions to store what language the user has set.

$_SESSION["language"] = "en";
$_SESSION["language"] = $_GET["lang"];

// or this way, then you can do

Then create a file with an array of the translation.

$lang["en"]["hello"] = "Welcome to the site";
And then another file could have the Arabic translation
$lang["ar"]["hello"] = "مرحبا بكم في الموقع";
And then you would just call the $lang array with the session
echo $lang[$_SESSION["lang"]]["hello"];

This is a simplified version, you could also use objects to store the translation.

PHP website with different language files

You need to create a website with a header and footer.  header and footer need to create for in both languages and will add contents as per language.

English website

$langage = array();

$langage['PAGE_TITLE'] = 'My Multi Language English Website';
$langage['PAGE_DESCRIPTION'] = 'This is website demo with english content';

// Menu

$langage['MENU_HOME'] = 'Home';
$langage['MENU_ABOUT'] = 'About Us';
$langage['MENU_SERVICE'] = 'Services';
$langage['MENU_CONTACT'] = 'Contact Us';

Arabic Website









Third option using PHP and MySQL

Create a website with Database and we can call the content based on the language. We need to confirm the compatibility of the language.

You need to organize the website and logic


Fourth option using web development framework like Codeigniter

In Codeigniter, we have the option to create a website in multiple languages website there you can create a website in both languages.

Fifth-way using CMS with the plugin

As an example, WordPress with Polylang WPML Plugin is an option and there is other Content Management System available for Arabic Website

Sixth option using website builders

Modern website builders support multiple language website

You can use the platform like Wix Weebly

Seventh option using third-party Translation

You can use Google Translate plugin to convert your website into multiple languages

It is simply by implementing the Google Translate Plugin

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