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How to become a web designer in Kerala ?

How to become a web designer in Kerala ?

After Graduation or completing a Web Designing course from any IT finishing school people are confused to start a career as a web designer.

Here are some simple solutions to become a pro web designer or a web developer in Kerala.

Learn from w3schools

If you need to become a web designer you don’t need to take any course or any web design course from any institute. You should have a passion and Determination to learn web designing

You can start from the w3schools the basic skills of web design and you will become a pro designer.

Observe the design trends

As a designer, you should know the new trend of the designs.

If you see some attractive parts on any website you have to try to build the same in your workstation. When you are tying for this you will learn new skills from Google and Stackoverflow.

Start as a free web design service in Kerala

After completing the course or having the technical skills about web designing you have to start a free web design service for your friends family relatives. Here you will have two benefits people will know that you are a web designer and if they have any requirements in future they will surely recommend your name on the next project.

Adopt the new web development tools

When I have started web designing I was working on Notepad and HTML Extention.

But when the result will show on the website I was addicted to programming. Hello world I am Anvar this was my first website

Then I have tried notepad ++ after that I was learning PHP then I was trying atom software development IDE. Currently, I am using Microsoft Visual Studio Code

Follow the new Technologies trends

For web designing from my understanding, it’s a scenario that will lead you to become a full-stack web developer.

You have to start from HTML CSS this is the basic stage of web designing

In the next stage, you will work with Javascript to add some actions or movements to the website

Then you can do PHP MySQL to build dynamic websites here you will become a web developer.

Now you can start working on Content Management Systems like WordPress, Drupal,

Working from a WordPress site will reduce your time and You will be Pro Developer and Designer.

But the backbone of WordPress is HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL.

Develop your own projects

Now you have the skill set and also you will have the confidence to develop a website.

Go ahead and build your masterpiece. Always keep in mind that some people will say that it is not a good project. you should do like this, like that. This is your space you can build anything and you can learn new technical stuff and you will have a new experience.

When you are building your own project you will search in google and you will have new techniques and new ideas from the World Wide Web. It will lead you to become a master in web Designing and Development.

Make your Portfolio as your Experience Certificate

When you are applying for a job in Kerala you can show your projects as your portfolio.

Especially for the IT job Experience and your skill is always considered your educational qualification.

Start freelance web designing

The best part of web design is you can start freelancing. When you are making your portfolio make your own website.

You will be your own boss and you can start work for clients and it will be cheaper for the clients to pay you instead of paying for a company.



by anvar
Published : Mar , 18

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