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Bash & PHP Script to download the images
of clients from the website

Bash & PHP Script to download the images <br data-lazy-src=

If you are planning to download a list of clients for your website project we will usually download client images one by one.

If the client list is more than 100 clients it will take more time.

Here is the simple code to download the images of clients on the website.

The sequence of images should be in client-1.png, client-2.png, client-3.png

Two solutions for the download process.

PHP Download link of the image with for loop

for ($x = 0; $x <= 100; $x++) {

echo "<a href='$x.png'>$x</a><br>";

Here we will create a link for downloading the images and we need to click on the image link and need to download each and every image.


Bash Automatic Download images with wget

for i in `seq 1 100`;




This will download all the images in the sequence which mentioned 1 to 100 in the first line.



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